Clients proving Custom Interviews accelerate hiring process

February 19, 2018

Companies don’t hire generic Java or .NET developers. They have their own technology platforms and they look for talent with a blend of skills that go up and down their stack. Unfortunately, technical evaluation tools just test for individual skills or present a generic coding challenge that aren’t based upon any particular position.

Hiring companies, however, have painfully specific requirements based on the unique stacks that have evolved to support their businesses. TechScreen has clients that are showing the value of customizing an interview based on their specific needs.

A Boston-based software company began using TechScreen because of an aggressive hiring target coupled with the objective of having a majority of them be junior developers. This put a heavy burden on tech leads and managers to read resumes and do phone screens. In a 2-month span, recruiters screened 155 software engineers, which led to managers doing 40 interviews. They made 28 full-time offers for a 70% Interview-to-Offer ratio.

Applicant Tracking System vendor Jobvite did a 2015 study that revealed that the average Interview-to-Offer ratio is 17%. Now, that client skips manager phone screens if a candidate gets a 75% or better on a TechScreen interview. The custom interviews their recruiters use are based on questions selected by the technical staff right from our library.

A brand new client is seeing the same benefit. They are a national IT staffing firm with dozens of offices across the country with over $300M in revenue. They recently started using our Custom Interview module and this is part of an email sent internally:

Hey Mike,

Just another fun thing that we are seeing from Tech Screen.

In the custom interviews, if the hiring manager is responsive and you have a relationship with them, we sent them the custom questions we are asking candidates and they said that if they do well on our initial screen, we could potentially skip the phone screen all together and shorten the whole process.

A hiring manager typically will ask a short, focused set of questions in a phone screen to determine if a candidate is worth the time of an interview panel. Our clients’ recruiters are conducting interviews using questions their hiring managers select and they are skipping manager phone screens if the candidates do well.

We are changing the way clients are hiring or placing IT talent.

Hiring managers are not looking for a random developer. Let’s say a manager needs a full-stack Java developer who has strong front-end skills with Angular.js who can write REST APIs for apps deployed on AWS. Why not create an interview that will probe a candidate’s skills across those skills? Job requirements are very specific; now recruiters can screen with the same laser focus.