What is TechScreen

TechScreenTM helps recruiters …
Own the Process

Other solutions rely on you emailing a link to an online test. TechScreen allows you stay involved and guide the screening process.

Control the Conversation

TechScreenTM allows you to ease into a technical discussion with a candidate.

Engage the Candidate

Connect on a peer level by conducting a detailed interview on programming languages, frameworks, protocols and technical processes.

Key Features

Our patent-pending algorithm scores the accuracy of the answer and the caliber of the delivery, so we are evaluating true technical competence: The ability to synthesize and present complex information.

We also help ease a Recruiter into their technical immersion by letting them choose the complexity of how they grade the interview. They will deliver a highly complex interview regardless, but the grading will be one of the following options:

Current list of skills
Non-Scoring interview

Conduct the interview without the pressure of having to score technical answers in real-time. This lets the recruiter gradually become more comfortable with the content.

Scoring Interview

Score the interview, but we give the recruiter guardrails in case they fall behind in following a detailed technical reply.

Custom Interview

The Recruiter sends an invitation to the hiring manager or designated Subject Matter Expert to Select questions from our library or create their own questions.

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The Talent Acquisition industry has developed a ton of tools to help source and screen IT candidates, but they treat the processes as separate use cases. Technical clarity can connect the two. See how in our white paper Myth Busting: Recruiters Can't Screen IT Candidates.

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